A Day With The Disrupters

... a mind-expanding Conference led by a bunch of people who don't place much stock in the "old" way of doing things.

 Presented by The Principa Alliance, VeraSage Institute, Golden Practices and Melinda Motivates.

For just US$725  get access to an amazingly rich source of information to help you:

  • Re-design your firm’s business model to meet a rapidly changing marketplace,
  • Attract and retain better quality team members and clients,
  • Achieve improved margins through superior pricing and project presentation strategies,
  • Position your firm for sustained growth by tweaking your leadership philosophy. 


In addition to getting access to videos of the presentations and the related handouts you will be able to download audio recordings of the entire conference, referred documents and white papers, software to analyze client profitability, checklists, and the presentation slide decks.

This suite of resources will not only give you everything you would have received by attending in person but you'll also be able to share it with your team and use it as a foundation for strategizing your firm over the next 12 months. You’ll even get a companion study guide and workbook to follow each of the presentations so that you can use it to facilitate a structured learning/strategizing program in your firm.

If you'd like to take a sneak peak at what's inside the portal CLICK HERE.

As an added bonus we have also bundled in a three part audio recording made during a Value Pricing presentation Ron Baker did in Sydney, Australia that addresses not just the "what" but also the "how" of implementing value pricing.  You can download these files to your desktop, iPad, iPod, or Smartphone so you can listen and learn on the go.

What's more?  You’ll also be able to download my recent Research Report of how a tiny proportion of accounting firm owners are taking home more than $1million each year.


Here's what attendees said about the conference...

"This has been an amazing class.... I have been in practice for 25 years and have become jaded. The ideas you guys shared with us have revitalized my passion for the business. I can't wait to get back and share this with my team .... thanks so much."

Awesome presentation by all. Our team took a lot away from this.”

“Thank you all for an informative conference. I definitely plan on implementing."

"For the first time in a long time I have picked up some ideas that have the potential to transform my firm. This is been a great conference .... valuable from beginning to end."

“I received a great deal of value out of the day. My goal is, and has been, to break the CPA firm model while providing the best services that we can to our clients…very refreshing.”

"I'm so glad you are recording this program because there is way too much to recall and implement just from listening and note taking. Great meeting."

"This has been the most important conference I have attended in years. I wish it had gone for a couple more days."

We’re positive you’ll get great value – so positive in fact that we offer a no-questions-asked 60-day 100% money back guarantee. If you are not delighted with the content on this portal simply let us know and we'll refund your investment in full AND you can keep what you have downloaded. 

You'll invest just US$725 to access this information-rich portal.